Parenting Programs in the Army

Challenges of Parenting Being a parent in general, can be really hard especially for first-time parents, there are a lot of things that you need to get used to and you may need guidance in those fields. Simple things such as feeding a child, changing the nappies and the like may present a challenge. When […]

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When The Fight Is Over…

My mom was pulled over when she was teaching me to drive. I thought it would be funny if I agreed to take the blame for it even though she was the person driving at the time. Naturally, the two of us ended up debating about this when the fake officer was already in earshot. She asked us, ‘have we decided who was driving?’ Both of us pretended not to hear. I ended up paying half of the ticket.

I was an Air Force colonel during the second Gulf War. Often times I would fly on different aircrafts in order to see what they were capable of. One time I was on an intelligence airplane for a mission of booty on tours. A bunch of electronic gear surrounded each member of the crew. I asked a young airman to see his computer screen. For some reason he looked extremely embarrassed. I figured out why when he turned the screen. It said, Be on your best behavior. The colonel is here.

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